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In 2017, my husband’s beloved stepfather died. Heartbroken, my husband was responsible for planning every detail of the funeral, closing up his home and clearing out endless belongings thousands of miles away. Meanwhile, at the same time I was unemployed, depressed, out of money, had no idea how we were going to keep our house, and my career had cratered.

I, too, was completely broken.

One morning, I saw my 90 year old next door neighbor on her front porch. When she was 16 in Poland, her parents were murdered by Nazis. All alone, starved and covered with lice, she was shipped off to Auschwitz, where her head was shaved, her last belongings stripped away and she was tattooed A-14821 on her left forearm. Literally escaping death multiple times, she somehow survived and went on to inspire thousands with her miraculous story. Hoping for some sort of guidance in my deep despair, I simply asked, “Sid, what’s the point of life?” …

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Photo by John Mathew Smith; www.celebrity-photos.com from Laurel Maryland, USA

The Life Changing Lesson I Learned By Peeing Next To Della Reese

There are certain people in this world. You probably know one of them. The people who are missing that little filter that goes between their brain and their mouth. No matter what they’re thinking, they say it. As if affected by gravity it just falls from their brain right out of their face. I’m not one of those people. I own and operate that particular filter.

Most of the time.

Several years ago, I was writing a fun little talk show that was produced by a very big and scary multinational conglomerate. Those of you in the know can narrow that down to about 3 potential companies but I choose not to name the actual company. See? …

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Image by bhossfeld from Pixabay

Are there things in your life that you’ve avoiding for no other reason than fear? For me, the answer to that question is a big fat yes.

Fear is a natural, powerful human emotion. It alerts us to the presence of danger or the threat of harm whether it’s real or imaginary. A little fear is fine, it prevents you from doing stupid things. However, when it prevents you from experiencing things that can enhance your life and make you a stronger person, you really have to examine it.

Right before my last really big birthday, as many people do, I started to really examine my life. I realized that I was in a pretty serious rut. Despite the fact that I was challenged creatively and professionally and was happily married and raising a hilarious kid, I noticed that I had stopped growing as a person. …

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People dream about remodeling their kitchens, bathrooms or creating a fantasy backyard. But, what about the one room in the house where you spend more time than anywhere else? The room that’s supposed to be your private sanctuary. The room where your most important intimate time is spent. You know, the room that’s probably overloaded with mismatched bedding, piles of laundry, pictures of your family, stuffed animals, unfinished projects, stacks of books and magazines, and has a dresser covered in iPhone cables and ATM receipts.


Here’s a sad but true fact: If your master bedroom has lost its mojo, there’s a good chance your relationship is next. …

Actually, I’m also middle-aged and pretty lumpy. But thanks for assuming I’m not.

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Photo by Wendy Miller

There’s something a lot of you folks don’t know about me. Along with being a charming podcast host, a sexologist and an Emmy-winning comedy writer and producer, I am also a hardcore DIYer. It’s true. I got a Dremel last Christmas and almost happy-peed on the floor right in front of the tree.

Unfortunately, most of the things I create are borderline disasters, but occasionally I get things right. Over the years, I’ve made my own furniture, costumes, holiday decorations, greeting cards, centerpieces, art installations, Christmas tree ornaments, you name it.

All I need is a glue gun and a dream…and about 500 angry trips to the craft store on the same day. …

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Image by JayMantri from Pixabay

I was on the phone with one of the most successful TV producers in Hollywood. It was only a few months into my new job as Head of Programming for Playboy TV, where I was hired to find mainstream production partners to create sex-positive shows for the channel. After being rejected by dozens of other producers and major production companies, this guy was the first person I spoke with who appeared interested in producing shows for us. As a gay man, he also seemed totally open to sexual content without all of the snark and judgment I faced from the other producers I’d attempted to hire. We were having a great talk, he totally got what I was trying to do, and he was excited to pitch me some shows. …

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Photo by Bethany Newman on Unsplash

I went to college with a woman who was so afraid of gaining weight that she’d sit in the dining hall, night after night, slowly eating a small salad for dinner while holding one hand on her stomach the entire time. She was truly terrified she’d gain weight. Eating every meal with a hand on her stomach, hyper vigilant that she was never too full.

Every night before bed, she’d purposely assemble the next day’s outfit, deliberately laying out and ironing each article of clothing in advance. Even when she wore boots, she’d make sure that the socks no one ever saw, perfectly matched the rest of her ensemble. …

On this Thanksgiving Day, I want to talk to all of you about Sexual Gratitude, which is not the same as sexual gratification.

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Photo Credit: Wendy Miller

Along with your health, family, home and that stack of Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupons in the trunk of your car, I’d like for all of us to focus on the things in our sex lives for which we are also truly thankful. Whether you’re single, married, coupled, throupled, poly, friends with benefitting or just doing whatever the hell you want to be doing with other consenting adults — THAT’S the goal. Honoring yourself and your healthy sexual desires.

In this Instagram era, it’s easy to thumb through everyone else living their highly filtered online lives and to think, “Man, I’m not doing anything sexy or fun. HAPPY_SEXY_FUN_GIRL_319 has absolutely everything and clearly my life sucks balls! And not in the good way!!” Well, your first mistake is comparing yourself to HAPPY_SEXY_FUN_GIRL_319 or anyone else for that matter. You only compare yourself to others from a position of weakness. …

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Photo by Daniel Gregoire on Unsplash

You know the feeling. That Sunday Night Sad™ when you despondently reflect back on your measly 2 days off and realize you did absolutely nothing fun with it at all? It usually hits you in bed, after all of the good TV is over but before you start wondering where everything went so horribly wrong in your life.


Because, many leading scientists and researchers have not confirmed that the Sunday Night Sad is directly related to how much sexy fun you had on the preceding Friday and Saturday nights. So, as the most important part of your burgeoning sexual health regime, I have compiled a list of 10 Sexy Things You Can Do This Weekend that are not just SEXY but also CHEAP and FUN — just like me! …


Wendy Miller

Emmy winning TV Producer & Host of the Podcast Sex Ed The Musical, Wendy is currently writing a memoir about her 7.5 years as Head of Programming at Playboy TV.

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